Heat Treat Capability Added (Feb, 2014)

FTA has already finished the investment of Vacuum Heat Traet Operation in February 2014.

FTA's New Adress (Jan, 2014)

FTA moved to thier New Building in January 2014. Our new adress is "AOSB 10052 Sok.No:14 Cigli-Izmir". Now, all kind of machinings, sheet metal formings, special processes and sheet metal die productions are in the same building.

GEAE Approved Source (May, 2011)

GEAE has been audited and approved FTA as an Approved Source in May 2011.

Fabricated Part Dies (Nov, 2010)

FTA is capabale to design and make the dies for fabricated parts in new plant.

Fabricated Parts Manufacturing (Nov, 2010)

FTA has already finished the investment for fabrication parts manufacturing for Aviation. FTA started to make fabricated parts in their new fabrication plant in November, 2010. New plant is also in AOSB Industrial zone.